• When comparing our test kits to others available please make sure you read the fine print…
    • Our Long Term Test Kits (Recommended by Health Canada for Radon Testing from 3-12 months are simple and accurate, our selling price of $50.00 is all inclusive (except tax and shipment to the lab after the test is complete) and includes:
      • one Health Canada/ C-NRPP approved Alpha Tract Detector shipped directly to you
      • clear instructions
      • addressed shipping envelop for you to to mail the unit to a third party independent lab once the test is complete (min of 91 days and postal is additional)
      • lab analysis of the device
      • custom report to you by the lab
    • There are no hidden fees with our fully Health Canada/ C-NRPP approved test device kit, everything is included except shipping from you to the lab after the test (should be approximately 11 dollars), please be careful if shopping around as some sellers do not include lab fees or shipping and handling to you.
    • Shipping and handling of the kit to you is included in our price.
    • If we ship the test units to you anywhere within Canada the total cost will be considerably less than $70.00 direct to you for any urban location! If you buy a test kit at the local Calgary big box store the cost will be $34.82 plus $40.00 giving a total of at least $74.82 (please see the pictures taken on Oct 25 at a Calgary location)! Please note that there is nothing wrong with the kits that they sell we are just pointing out how the total costs compare.
    • No mater where you buy your kit please make sure it is a C-NRPP approved kit and make sure you know the total cost. Please contact us if you have questions.
Local Calgary Big Box Store Long Term Test Kit, beware there are additional fees!
Once you open up the Home Depot sold test kit you find out that there is an additional $40.00 lab fee making the total cost to you $74.82 not including taxes!

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