Health and Safety is a core value of Go To Radon Solutions Inc. and our primary concern for our clients and team members when we are at your home or business as well as your air quality after we complete an inspection, test or mitigation. We have modified and enhanced our safety procedures and protocols to ensure clients and our team members are as safe as possible during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With many family members spending more time in their homes working and our children being home from daycare and school during closures unfortunately being exposed to elevated Radon levels will increases the risk to you and your family.

You have our assurance and comitment that no one from Go To Radon Solutions Inc. who has been knowingly exposed or suffering from the Covid-19 virus will visit your home and we ask that you inform us if you have been exposed, suffering any symptoms or have concerns so we can either reschedule or discuss with you and take appropriate precautions.

During the pandemic we will also be implementing the following procedures and protocols:

  1. A discussion will be held with every client before visiting their site to discuss safety protocols and procedures and ensure expectations are clear.
  2. Our team members will regularly hand wash and/ or sanitize before entering your home or business and regularily as required on site.
  3. Hand shaking and physical contact will be minimized as much as practicable between clients and team members.
  4. A mask will be worn by our team members which mets or exceeds N95 standards as well as gloves and boot covers will be worn while on your site if either the client or team member has any concerns and as required.
  5. Additional protective measures and PPE will be utilized as required such as disposable tyvek suits.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss with us, we are also very concerned during this Pandemic and take our responsibility to minimize the spread of the virus very seriously while we go about our important work making our communities safer by reducing exposure to elevated Radon levels.

Thank you,

Gary Burke, Principal and Senior Project Manger Go To Radon Solutions Inc.