Calgary experts in the design and installation of Radon mitigation systems.

If after testing your home, office or commercial building you find elevated Radon levels that require mitigation the Go To Radon Company Ltd. will assess the problem and provide a no obligation and free quote to effectively, efficiently and safely solve the problem. We take great pride in our work and knowing that we are making our communities and neighbours indoor air safer one mitigation at a time.

Professional Radon mitigators such as Go To Radon Company Ltd. will come to your building and do a full diagnostic, we will evaluate the building and building envelope, drill test holes in your slab to determine what is the sub slab composition and how well it will “communicate” from one area to another. What separates professionals from what we call “poke and hope” contractors is the diagnostic/ analysis of the problem and thus the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the solution. The system is then tested again after it is installed and commissioned and we provide a warranty on all our work. Although regulations are improving the industry is not tightly regulated and there are “contractors” that will essentially come in and drill or core your basement floor slab, instal what is probably an over sized fan, do little to no diagnostic as to how well it is working and drive away. That is not what we do, we do a though evaluation, diagnostic, install the most effective and efficent fan as possible and provide a report on everything we did and why as well as a guarantee. The risk of not evaluating the building (envelop, mechanical systems, construction) properly is that: the system could be ineffective, the system could be oversized and thus unnecessarily consuming too much energy, the system could be noisy, the system could actually produce back drafting of your appliances and cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas to enter the house from combustion appliances that are now not venting properly due to an incorrectly installed Radon mitigation system.

We get asked all the time what is cost and honestly no two buildings are the same in there construction and Radon levels we really need to see your test results and do a site review before giving an estimate or even a ballpark. The challenges vary greatly form one building to the next. A straight forward residential mitigation with an unfinished basement and very good communication under the basement slab should cost less than $1800.00 (our prices with current discounts start at 1499.00) and the cost will increase from there based on the amount of Radon and the unique challenges of solving the problem at the site. It is very important to review all quotes you get from contractors as the amount of diagnostic/ analysis, quality of materials and workmanship, warranties, etc. can vary widely. We have included a checklist for you to use when comparing quotes and also will be happy to review any quote that you may receive for less than ours to show you the differences. We will not be the lowest quote as unfortunately like many aspects of the construction/ renovation business there are people who cut corners, are not properly trained, insured or licensed and/ or are just looking to make a quick buck. We will do the project right, explain everything as we go and you will breath safe but also have piece of mind by trusting the Go To Radon Company Ltd..