Do It Yourself (DIY) Mitigation Base Kit


This is our DIY active slab depresurization mitigation base installation kit which includes all the hard to source parts for a 4″ schedule 40 pipe installation.  Included in the kit is: Fantech RN2 Continuous Radon Fan, U-stop bushing, 2 anti-virbration Pipe Couplings, Carbon Monoxide Plug in Tester, 1 tube of speciality radon sealant, U-tube manometer, 2 split rings/ threaded rod/ flange fan mounting kit, power cord, 8 feet of anti-vibration cloth pipe hanger and basic instructions. Go To Radon Solutions Inc. recommends that all Radon mitigation systems are designed, installed and tested by a C-NRPP certified installation company (such as ourselves) however we understand and respect that some home owners prefer to do it themselves and we have provided this kit with the basic and hard to source components. The required 4 inch schedule 40 DVW pipe/ elbows/ cement and other basics can be easily sourced locally. We also recommend that you include a muffler insert and varmint screen also available on our site however these items are optional. If you require anything else or get stuck give us a call or email.