Sun Nuclear Professional Continuous Radon Monitor Rental


We instal, rent and remove a professional/ industrial Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) for diagnostic testing.  The cost is $229.00 per week.  Please call to schedule an instalation.


We rent only Sun Nuclear 1028 XP calibrated commercial grade CRM’s (Continuous Radon Monitors) by the week to continuous monitor, measure and record Radon levels in your building.  The unit is installed and set up by us and includes anti-tampering technologies if required.  A report is then provided at the end of the test as part of your rental which will include all the data logged in the unit.  These units are highly accurate and are especially useful in diagnosing Radon level influences when correlated with building operation with things like occupant levels, air handling system operation, etc.

If you require this level of short term testing and/ or diagnostic we can rent you one or more of our units and/ or provide an no obligation quote to design any residential and commercial measurement and diagnostic services you may require.  If you order the unit from our store there is a minimum one week rental charge and we will contact you directly to schedule the unit’s installation as well as discuss any additional rental time or diagnostic services you may require.